3 Powerful Tips And Tricks For Getting Funding For Your Small

Business Ideas

One of the most important stages of implementing your business ideas is raising funds for it. The learning curve for soliciting funding for creative small business ideas is steep for the majority of prospective entrepreneurs. Getting funding from either an individual investor or banking institution has a lot to do with the ability to sell your ideas. In fact, when pitching to angel investors, venture capitalists or banks, they are first interested in how you sell your business idea rather than how good the business idea is. So when trying to solicit funding for your business ideas, keep these tips and tricks in mind:

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Never forget to write business plans for your business ideas

Coming up with a business plan is a time-consuming and energy-draining pursuit. It can distract you from doing what matters, and that is running your small business. While coming up with a business plan is daunting, no investor or bank will fund your business without it. No bank or individual investor will part with their money just because you have a great business idea. These are reasons why investors and banks are obsessed with business plans before they can commit any money.  A business plan will give detailed information on how you plan to spend the money, the reasons why you badly need it, and real figures substantiating that your business idea is viable. Also, you’ll have to prove to investors that you have a grip on your target audience. You should explain how big your audience and target market is, the marketing strategies you’re going to use, your anticipated cash flow for the first few years, and plans you’ve put in place to deal with competitors.

Know your business ideas by heart before pitching them to investors

Searching for sources of financing for your business is much like pitching your idea to someone who has a grip on aspects that make a great and profitable business. It’s entirely true that an online business plan is the hallmark of your pitch. But the delivery of the business plan will determine whether or not you get the funds. That’s why it’s a good idea to research your investors and curate a business plan that synchronizes with what they want to hear. For instance, if you’re pitching your business idea to a bank, you should know upfront that a bank is conservative and they would like to hear that your idea is a safe bet, and offers the greatest possibilities for success, with far fewer expenses and risks. On the other hand, an investor who has a thing for technology will want to hear how your business idea is innovative. Keep those in mind before delivering your pitch.

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Make sure to state weaknesses and threats when pitching your business ideas to investors

Investors will want to know your weaknesses and business threats that could slow down the growth of the business. You should have those in your pitch because no business can operate without variables. You can’t say that your business has no weaknesses or threats. You will lose if you do that. State your weaknesses and businesses threats and give smart ways to deal with them if they manifest.


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On top of all that, you should show your investors that you have great leadership skills. Investors know that good leadership is critical to the success of any business. An investor will not actively participate in the day-to-day running of the business. Therefore, when pitching to investors, you must demonstrate that you have all the attributes to start a business and run it successfully.

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